Sound Jury clients are overwhelmingly satisfied with the range of services and expertise we’ve provided for years. Thank you for your loyalty!

Alexis Knutson of Sound Jury Consulting guided our jury selection in a high-stakes insurance coverage case in federal court in Seattle. The case was unusually challenging due to the complex and highly technical nature of the evidence. Alexis was fantastic; her advice, both pretrial and during voir dire, was clear, practical, and decisive. We are confident that her work helped set the stage for the jury’s verdict in favor of our client.
Franklin Cordell
Gordon Tilden Thomas & Cordell LLP, Seattle, WA
As one of six attorneys representing two different defendants in a recently scheduled multi-week trial, we had the pleasure of working with Alexis Knutson on trial strategy, jury questionnaire and jury selection issues. Alexis not only brought her stellar skillsets in these areas, she also “herded the cats” and deftly facilitated both trial teams through these initial tasks. Her efforts unquestionably added value to the process and we will not hesitate to use Alexis and Sound Jury Consulting in our upcoming trials.
Carl Forsberg
Forsberg & Umlauf, P.S., Seattle, WA
Tom and the Sound Jury team were indispensable to our trial prep and courtroom presentation, and their assistance in jury selection was superb. I regularly turn to Tom for all manner of trial consultation, from mock trials to trial graphics, always with major client deliverables on the line. He and the team are flat out leaders in this field and their recent assistance at a trial with over $400M in exposure was a major factor in the win for our client. They have our highest recommendation.
Brian W. LaCorte
Ballard Spahr, Phoenix, AZ
I worked with Tom O’Toole and his team at Sound Jury Consulting on strategy and graphics for a recent Zoom jury trial. Planning an effective trial presentation over Zoom added an additional layer of complexity. Per usual, Tom and his team provided practical, data-driven insights, as well as visually engaging graphics that were instrumental in helping us win the case at trial. I look forward to working with Sound Jury Consulting again on future cases.
Ryan J. Groshong
K&L Gates, Seattle, WA
Sound Jury Consulting helped me pick a jury in a high profile criminal case. They were organized, efficient, and incisive. We achieved an acquittal, and their assistance was critical to preventing an innocent man from being convicted.
Robert M. Cary
Williams & Connolly LLP, Washington D.C.
I won’t try a significant case without using the fantastic folks at Sound Jury Consultants. While respecting our role as lawyer, Tom and his team provide incredible insight on the best themes and theories a case presents, and how to best tell our clients’ stories. Their insight on what matters and their abilities to work with our trial team and clients can’t be overstated. Sound Jury is our “go to” team.
Brad Anderson
Landerholm, Vancouver, WA
We used Sound Jury Consulting to conduct a mock trial and create graphics in a complex case and were impressed by the quality of their work. I would recommend them to anyone looking for assistance as they prepare for trial.
Christopher C. Burke
Parsons Behle & Latimer, Boise, ID
I have used Tom, Jill, and Joe in a variety of matters over the years. They have assisted me with case theme development, preparation of key witnesses, jury selection, and preparation for oral argument before the State Supreme Court. Their assistance has made a noticeable difference to the results we achieve for clients, as well as the way we think about cases in general. Their critical perspective, easy-to-implement and concrete and practical advice has helped me present my cases to juries, judges, mediators and arbitrators in a much more simplified, persuasive, and effective manner. Their insights have carried over to cases they have not even been formally retained on. I recommend Sound Jury Consulting for any of your litigation consulting needs.
Joseph Grube
Breneman Grube, PLLC, Seattle, WA
Sound Jury Consulting was tremendous. We used them for a mock trial on a significant matter and it changed the way we presented the entire case, resulting in a definitive victory. I would recommend them to anyone looking for mock trial assistance.
Ekwan E. Rhow
Bird, Marella, Boxer, Wolpert, Nessim, Drooks, Lincenberg & Rhow, P.C., Los Angeles, CA.
Tom has provided me and my clients invaluable support in several high profile/high dollar cases. His assistance in developing themes that resonate with jurors has been a huge factor in favorable verdicts for my clients. Tom’s advice on jury selection and his assistance with witness preparation has been extremely helpful. I can’t recommend him highly enough.
Ruth Nielson
Keating Bucklin & McCormack, Seattle, WA
I worked with Tom and his team to help develop themes and graphics for a case with some difficult issues. I was impressed with the quality of their work and their practical advice, which helped us reach a good resolution to the case, and would recommend them to anyone.
Turner Williams
Burr Forman, Birmingham, AL
Sound Jury Consulting was a critical part of our trial team in a significant criminal matter, and their work was exceptional. They assisted with strategy development, graphics, and jury selection, and consistently delivered above and beyond what we hoped for. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for assistance as they prepare for trial.
David Angeli
Angeli Law Group LLC, Portland, OR
Tom is a master trial strategist. His understanding of jury selection and the dynamics of jury deliberations is second to none. Best of all, he has the ability to develop practical recommendations in real time and communicate them quickly and effectively to the trial team. If your client is involved in serious litigation, pick up the phone and call Tom today.
Kevin Baumgardner
Corr Cronin LLP, Seattle, WA
I used Tom to assist me with case strategy development, jury selection and trial graphics on a difficult, multi-party employment case. Tom provided timely and practical advice that helped us present a compelling defense case despite all the moving parts. In this case and prior ones, Tom demonstrated his ability to quickly sort through a significant amount of information to recommend an effective course of action. Our team greatly appreciated his hard work, helpful insights and positive approach. I look forward to working with Tom again for years to come.
Mark Filipini
K&L Gates, Seattle, WA
We have retained Tom, Jill, and Joe to consult on complex litigation matters. I highly value their insight and ability to create graphics for opening and closing arguments. They are responsive, meticulous and talented.
Tyler Hudson
Wagstaff & Cartmell, Kansas City, MO
We used Sound Jury Consulting for strategy and graphics on an important matter and were very happy with their work. We would recommend them to anyone preparing for trial.
Meg Simonian
Simonian Dillon & Findley, PC, Anchorage, Alaska
I’ve used many vendors to help prepare graphics for trial. Sound Jury Consulting was the best. They intuitively understand what is helpful. They are responsive to your suggestions day and night to ensure that the product is perfect. And, all of this for a reasonable price. I can recommend them without reservation.
Joe Peiffer
Peiffer, Rosca, Wolf, Abdullah, Carr & Kane, New Orleans, LA
Tom has provided invaluable insight on how to present evidence and arguments on my most difficult cases. An experienced attorney thinks he knows how it will play, but instincts are no substitute for the assistance of a knowledgeable consultant who can “stress test” the theories and arguments before trial. With Tom’s help on case strategy, witness preparation, case presentation, and voir dire, I was in a position to present my strongest and best case to the jury.
Mike Bolasina
Summit Law Group, Seattle, WA
Tom assisted me in staging a mock trial and provided such quality insight that I decided to ask him to be a sounding board in a particularly vexing trial. He assisted in structuring an opening and in working up graphics and a PowerPoint presentation to accompany the opening. He was particularly adept at assisting in distilling complicated facts into a form that would permit communication to a less sophisticated juror while not offending the more educated on the panel. He was prompt and engaging in responding to ideas, offering alternatives well worthy of consideration, but was also flexible in molding the product to a style that fit the preference of the trial lawyer. I would recommend Tom to anyone needing strong support in developing an opening or closing.
Mike Weathersby
Evert Weathersby Houff, Atlanta, GA
I have used Tom as a jury consultant on multiple cases and he has proven to be very insightful and a key member of the trial team--money well spent.
Guy Michelson
Corr Cronin LLP, Seattle, WA
Tom assisted me with developing a jury selection strategy in a difficult case. His insights were critical in helping me understand the adverse attitudes and experiences that would make potential jurors resistant to my case theory. He helped me craft voir dire questions to successfully identify and remove these individuals from the venire. He also assisted me in polishing my voir dire presentation, which significantly improved my overall ability to connect with jurors from the first day of trial. Over the years, Tom has been eager to assist me with projects. Together, we collaborated on several CLE presentations having to do with jury biases and successful persuasive strategies. I would recommend him to anyone needing help with jury selection.
David Mordekhov
Gardner Trabolsi & Associates, Seattle, WA
Tom's practical insights set him apart from other consultants. He identifies solutions rather than generic theories, and he does so across all types of litigation. I would highly recommend him to anyone preparing for an important trial, arbitration, or oral argument.
Ryan Hudson
Berkowitz Oliver