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SJC Graphics

Why SJC Graphics

Graphics play a critical role in any case presentation, whether the trier-of-fact be a jury, judge, or arbitrator. Research has consistently shown that visual presentations drastically increase attention, comprehension, retention and, consequently, the ability to effectively advocate in a variety of situations, including deliberations. SJC Graphics can create any graphic for any need on any platform. We pride ourselves in providing high-impact, high-value graphics for reasonable prices.

SJC Graphics Process

SJC Graphics can help you in 3 ways

SJC can assist you with your graphic needs in a variety of different ways: 1. Custom Individual Graphics created from scratch to fit your case specific needs; 2. Custom PowerPoint Slideshows created for opening, witness presentations, and/or closing; 3. Making your in-house PowerPoint or graphics trial-ready.

1. Custom Individual Graphics

Need graphics to reinforce and/or convey your message and key ideas? SJC Graphics will help you conceptualize the appropriate graphic. We produce a variety of unique and customized graphics, including timelines, charts, and graphs all designed to effectively communicate your message. We have created hundreds of custom graphics for dozens of clients across the country, helping effectively communicate ideas to judges and juries.

SJC Graphics

2. Custom PowerPoint Slideshow

Need a PowerPoint production from scratch? You provide the content and we will build your Slideshow. If your PowerPoint could use some graphics, we can do that too! Contact us for an estimate based on the scope of your project.

3. Making existing PowerPoint/graphics Trial-Ready

Do you already have a PowerPoint Slideshow or graphics that need a more professional touch? SJC Graphics can help! We will take your existing graphics and slideshows and make them look trial-ready.

Graphics Testimonials

"I retained Sound Jury Consulting to develop a complicated timeline on a recent complex class action. They created an outstanding graphic. It was clear that our federal judge and the law clerk were impressed as we used it in our argument to make a blizzard of facts become clear and persuasively in our favor.”
-- Ryan Hudson, Berkowitz Oliver

“We have retained Tom, Jill, and Joe to consult on complex litigation matters. I highly value their insight and ability to create graphics for opening and closing arguments. They are responsive, meticulous and talented.”

-- Tyler Hudson, Wagstaff & Cartmell, Kansas City, MO.

“I’ve used many vendors to help prepare graphics for trial.  Sound Jury Consulting was the best.  They intuitively understand what is helpful.  They are responsive to your suggestions day and night to ensure that the product is perfect.  And, all of this for a reasonable price.  I can recommend them without reservation.”
-- Joe Peiffer, Peiffer, Rosca, Wolf, Abdullah, Carr & Kane

“I’ve used Sound Jury Consulting to build PowerPoint presentations for mediations, hearings and arbitrations. Their graphics work brings clarity and simplicity to the issues and makes our presentations more persuasive. I would recommend Sound Jury Consulting graphics to anyone who needs a powerful and effective PowerPoint presentation."
-- Joseph Grube, Breneman Grube, PLLC, Seattle, WA.

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