Do diverse juries aid or impede justice?

Klein, K. S., & Klastorin, T. D. (1999). Do diverse juries aid or impede justice? Wisconsin Law Review, No. 3 Special Issue, 553-569.

Both judges and lawyers routinely assume that race or gender, or both, broadly act as place markers for particular viewpoints in American society. Historically, this assumption drove the conclusion that more diversity among jurors equated to more justice. Recently, by contrast, the same assumption has driven the conclusion that juror diversity impairs justice by increasing hung jury rates. This Article tests whether juror diversity increases hung jury rates. Ethnic/racial diversity was related to occurrence of hung juries, but only when defendant was African American. With African American defendant, number of White jurors related modestly and positively to reaching consensus on a verdict, but number of Hispanic and Asian American jurors were both negatively related. No relationship between gender diversity and occurrence of hung juries.