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Graphics Services

Graphics play a critical role in any case presentation, whether the trier-of-fact be a jury, judge, or arbitrator. Research has consistently shown visual presentation drastically increases comprehension, retention, and consequently, ability to effectively advocate in deliberations.

We live in a visual culture. Studies have shown the average person watches 15,000 hours of television by the time he or she graduates from high school, compared to 11,000 hours spent in the classroom. Jurors have learned more than 80% of what they know visually. An image truly is worth a thousand words. A 2007 study compared attorney learning styles to that of the general public and found the general public (in other words, your jury) is much more likely to be visual learners than attorneys, who tend to be auditory or kinesthetic learners.

Additionally, a 1986 3M study found that combining verbal with visual presentations led to significantly greater retention of information. Specifically, the study found that when information was presented in verbal form only, retention was 70% after three hours and 10% after three days. When presented in visual form only, retention was 72% after three hours and 20% after three days. However, when presented in both verbal and visual form, retention was 85% after three hours and 65% after three days.

Sound Jury Consulting provides persuasive concept design and execution for any format, whether that be foam boards, PowerPoint, Trial Director, or other presentation formats.